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Helicopter Pilots


Behind the scenes of a helicopter company.


Shotover K1 by HD Skycam Germany

10Shotover K1

HD Skycam's very own Shotover K1. This 6-axis, gyrostabilized system allows the use of any camera and even productions in 2D and 3D!

Porsche Panamera with Cineflex mounted to vehicle HD Skycam Germany

09Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera filmed with Cineflex V14 and Speedlifter


Horse Racing in Doha

19Doha Racing

Racing Club Doha

Australia's National Parks with Aerials from HD Skycam Germany

18Australia parks

This is a trailer of the production "Australiens Nationalparks" in which HD-Skycam GmbH did all the aerials for Moers Media.




Driving the North Face of the Nürburgring with the Cineflex camera.




Cineflex Impressions


Shotover F1 by HD Skycam Germany

17Shotover F1

This is a brief gimpse of what our Shotover F1 can do.


Rheingold Trailer - Senator Films and Vidicom Production

16Rheingold Trailer

All aerials from HD-Skycam. Trailer provided to us by Senator FIlms


“Hoher Norden” with Aerials by HD Skycam Germany

06Hoher Norden

Cineflex discovering the North

“Deutschlands Küsten” with Aerials by HD Skycam Germany

05Deutschlands Küsten

Spectacular Aerial footage for the Arte Documentary “Deutschlands Küsten”

Sauber Imagefilm

15Sauber Imagefilm

This imagefilm was shot for Sauber in 2014 with our Cineflex

“Die Alpen von oben” Trailer with Aerials by HD Skycam Germany

13Die Alpen

A trailer of the Vidicom production "Die Alpen - Unsere Berge von oben" features beautiful imagery by HD-Skycam of the German Alps.


Nürburgring 24 Hour Race

04Nürburgring 24

Nürburgring 24 hour race filmed with Cineflex

Der Südwesten von oben” Trailer with Aerials by HD Skycam Germany

12Der Südwesten

Trailer of the Vidicom production "Der Südwesten von oben", which features beautiful aerial by HD-Skycam of the German South West.

America's Cup filmed on Cineflex mounted to helicopter and boat HD Skycam Germany

03Americas Cup

Amazing Cineflex

US East Coast From Above with Aerials from HD Skycam Germany

11US East Coast

The official trailer to the Vidicom production "US East Coast" in which HD-Skycam did all the aerial shots with our Cineflex system.


Cineflex Speedlifter

01Cineflex Speedlifter

Cineflex vehicle mounted Speedlifter


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